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"Tak mnie ciągnie do gór..."
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Dave Navarro's Tattoos

Dołączył: 09 Paź 2020
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I would add to the checklist: The secret of NIMH, The Devil and Daniel Mouse, Rock & Rule (unsure if kids have been the audience for this, however I noticed it when I was a kid and it was animated), Plague Canines (traumatized me manner greater than Adams' Watership Down), The Talking Parcel, animated model of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Warriors of the Wind (which is just a butchered model of Nausicaa, so most likely simply watch Nausicaa. I noticed all of those that got here out when I was a child and beloved them. I additionally noticed a whole lot of movies and skim books decidedly NOT for teenagers too, though. Just about all Tim Burton movies could make this listing however I've chosen this movie because it was his first. And dad and mom can limit viewing of naughty elements of movies for their youngsters. I'm sure everyone whose seen this movie can recall this one cinematic moment where Atreyu looses his faithful companion, his horse, in a patch of quicksand as he tries desperately to save the struggling beast.
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Dave Navarro's Tattoos
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